Star Wars Is about Friendship

I knew going in that I’d be compelled to do a Star Wars-related video after watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last week. (I really liked it!)

I thought I’d write a sort of review of Rogue One, but what I settled on instead is a reflection on some things I’d been thinking about recently while Heather and I have been watching Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films (which, so good). Namely, I’d been thinking about character relationships.

While in Miyazaki’s movies, community seems in the forefront, along with the comradely relationships that go with it, a lot of recent blockbuster films foreground the relationship of the colleague or workmate (see critic A.O. Scott’s article “Even Superheroes Punch the Clock“).

And while I’ve usually zeroed in on the father-son axis in Star Wars, I realized it’s really not at the forefront until the last movie in the original trilogy, practically nonexistent in the prequel trilogy, and only thematically relevant when taking a high-altitude view of the entire sectology.

What Star Wars foregrounds is friendship: whose characters’ gaze is not mutual, but parallel, looking ahead at a common question, regardless of whether their answers differ. Take a look at the video essay and tell me what you think.


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