3-Part Intro to Semiotics Now Available as a Playlist

I’ve just finished my┬áthree-part vlog series about the study of signs and meaning-making known as semiotics, and now you can watch all three videos in a YouTube playlist.

The three videos are available individually below. Here’s the link to the playlist.

In these videos, I talk about how meaning doesn’t flow from the author or speaker of a text or utterance; how we as a public (and many publics) construct meaning by assigning signifiers to concepts; how signs can appropriate and colonize other signs in a process called ‘myth’; and how language is multifunctional and performative–that is, not only does language MEAN stuff, but it also DOES stuff.

If you enjoy any of these videos (the one about #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter is currently the most popular), please subscribe to my YouTube channel, and let your friends know, too!


Part 1 – It Doesn’t Matter if Trump Thinks It’s a Sheriff’s Star: The Intentional Fallacy


Part 2 – The Semiotics of #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter


Part 3 – I Promise, This Video Is Not for the Lolz: Performativity and Multifunctionality


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