Disembodied: The Art of Sarah “Yui” Breedlove

In my this week’s vlog covering my trip to Arkansas last week, I talked a little about Sarah “Yui” Breedlove, a Nashville, Tennessee artist who is doing some amazing work.

As I haltingly put it in the video, one of my favorites is the one I’ve embedded at the end of this post, titled “Sheila,” which depicts a disembodied rib cage floating amid a cavernous, receding ground.

I think a lot could be said about this work: my interpretation has a lot to do with the tension between what we see on the canvas and what the image signifies. There is some emotional stability in the central placement of the object, its suspension, its proportional symmetry; but there is also the facticity of disembodiment, of knowing that this is not where or how a rib cage ought to be, and we know that death follows, indeed, seems to leak or evaporate from it to condense somewhere outside of the field of vision. We can admire this anatomy in space and simultaneously understand the threat that the object itself may not cause but most certainly points to or indexes.

Please check out more of Yui’s amazing work on Instagram @fiercelyart and on the website of independent arts organization Raw.

Older piece entitled "Sheila" mixed media on canvas

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