Missive: A Poem in Two Theses

An argumentative meditation concerning the nature of the interwebs.

Thesis I.: The Internet is a massive, perpetual exercise in the act of discrediting all possible facts.

Thinkpiece this hot take on a little-known study
citing studies after studies of corroborations, moguls
carrots and llamas on sticks
sticking their necks out on the chopping block of fact after fact.

Logic is subsumed by the almighty affect, the commodity fetish of “balance.” Objective:
impossible: objectivity. The focus of subjectivity is a distorting mirror. The self-awareness of the individual is only a flickering in the closed circuits of historical life and the places it cuts you burn like nothing you’ll ever admit to feeling before.

Thesis II.: The Internet is a missive unto perpetuity, exercising act iii ofMuch Ado About Every Possible Proposition, a play by William Shake-Spear.

​You’re doing it now.
An attempt at viral infection: In all our personal relations
we build upon this “no-thing”
for we react as if we knew how our partners experienced us
we continually form views of their views
and then act as if our views of their views were realities
, sparkling white and clean and ready to be stepped on harshly but with all the most gracious feelings in the doing of it. And the redoing of it.
And the reading of fictions crushed within nonfictive elements:subjectivities.
And the reading of nonfictions sliced into five-dollar footlongs:objectivities.
And so on
for manic-depressive hours until the homogeneous ticking of time deifies into
​an innumerable
non-fact: Internet. 

(Interjections from Hans-Georg Gadamer and Wolfgang Iser)

Published by:

Jedd Cole

Jedd Cole is a writer and scholar of literature, language, theory and philosophy. He studied rhetoric, writing and Spanish at University of Cincinnati. He produces video essays on the Electric Didact YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/electricdidact. Find his fiction and other recent work at electricdidact.wordpress.com.

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